Hobo Thoughts: Now THAT’S dedication!

Trust me, I know all about dedication. I’ve been holding in my stomach for about three years now!

February 7, 2013   0 comments

The Helpful Hobo Presents: How to Regift Unwanted Items (Without Getting Caught!)

Well, hello there, my dear, sweet hoboninja lovers! Would you happen to have the time? Let’s see here… Oh my… It’s THAT time… Time for another completely useful and possibly life-changing installment of “The Helpful Hobo Presents!” This week’s topic is something that I am sure has crossed many of your minds from time to […]

December 21, 2012   0 comments

The Gift Insider Features Us on Fox TV Chicago!

Lindsay Robert from The Gift Insider featured one of our products on Fox TV Chicago on Friday, November 30th.  The Gift Insider is a handy tool to find that perfect gift.  Lindsay features many different items, everything from unique to romantic, to give her followers some great gift ideas for every occasion!  Lindsay chose our […]

December 3, 2012   0 comments

HoboNinja Review and Giveaway: Men’s Lighter Watch – It’s Spiffy!

Hey there, Hobo Ninjas! We know how much you love free stuff, and that’s why it’s time for another review and giveaway! What magical nonsense do we have in store for you this week? Brace yourselves for… The Men’s Lighter Watch!!! Ok, we are pretty sure you are thinking something along the lines of “ummm….what?” […]

October 15, 2012   11 comments

Need some awesome gift ideas? Look no further!

Hey there, Hobo Ninja gang! The time is quickly approaching when we must contemplate what amazing gifts to give to our loved ones. Sure, you could throw some boring tie in a box, or get your mother another plain picture frame, but maybe this is your break out year…the year where everyone pauses for a […]

October 9, 2012   0 comments

HoboNinja Review and Giveaway: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Backpacks

Greetings, Hobo Ninjas! It’s time for another awesome review and giveaway, just for you! This week, we have a super tubular item: the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Backpack! After an avid search for only the best, it was decided that Athena (a fabulous resident Hobo Ninja gal) would review this totally tubular item! As always, […]

September 28, 2012   17 comments

The Helpful Hobo Presents: How To Be An Annoying Neighbor

It’s time for another heart-warming and ever-useful installation of The Helpful Hobo! Today’s edition will teach you how to be one of those neighbors. We have all had them, so you know what we’re talking about! Why would you ever willingly WANT to be one of those neighbors, you may ask? Well, it’s actually a […]

September 25, 2012   0 comments

HoboNinja Review and Giveaway: Lunch Disguise Sandwich Bags

Hey there, HoboNinjas! Today, we are down right tickled to be able to share with you our very first review/giveaway for a completely awesome item, the Lunch Disguise Sandwich Bags! We searched high and low for a person brave (and crazy) enough to take on the task, and our very own Tim (he frequents the […]

September 17, 2012   25 comments

The Helpful Hobo Presents: How to Become a Crazy Cat Lady!

It’s another installation of completely amazing guidance to achieve all your Hobo Ninja dreams! What realistic and completely useful information do we have for you today? Well, grab a shopping cart and a can opener, because today we will be telling you all about how to become a Crazy Cat Lady (or perhaps the more […]

September 4, 2012   0 comments

The Helpful Hobo Presents: How to Ignore Someone (Without Them Knowing You Aren’t Listening!)

We all have that one person in our life… You don’t want to hurt their feelings, but you just can’t seem to make yourself listen to the relentless unstoppable boredom that comes spewing from their mouth on a daily basis. Never fear, The Helpful Hobo is here to teach you how to do a little […]

August 29, 2012   0 comments