Ahoy there, Glorious Bacon Seekers! It’s Friday (Friday, gotta get down on Fridaaaaaay), and a beloved day calls for a beloved topic of discussion. What’s more beloved than the holy delight that is known by the beautiful name of Bacon? No, we aren’t talking about Francis Bacon. We are talking about meaty…greasy…crunchy…melt-in-your-mouth…BACON!


Now, you may have caught yourself wondering where we get the modern miracle of bacon. Some believe it was a gift given to us from ancient aliens. Others believe that such deliciousness could only be a product of witchcraft. Bacon has actually been with us for hundreds of years, and we are sure it will continue to be a tasty treat for hundreds more!


So how will you celebrate your Bacony Friday? Perhaps a big platter of your favorite meat candy? Maybe dress up like Mr. Bacon and play a riveting round of Mr. Bacon’s Big Adventure? The options are endless, but whatever you do, make sure you do it in the name of BACON!


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