Hello, Hobo wanderers! Easter is upon us, and you know what that means… many family gatherings that present the perfect opportunity to have a laugh! We like to call this little trick “Easter Egg Surprise.” Here’s how you do it!


Step 1: Get an egg.

Step 2: Melt some chocolate (for best results, use milk chocolate, and melt to as smooth as possible).

Step 3: Coat the egg in chocolate. Bonus points for making it look as delicious as possible.

Step 4: Wrap well in a colorful piece of foil.

Step 5: Give the delightful “treat” to your victim…uh, I meant, “friend”…and wait for the fun to begin!

Step 6: RUN! and live to prank another day!!!

Well, that wraps up this super silly Easter prank! Guess it’s true that you learn something new every day… Happy Easter, Hobo Folks!