Need a little water cooler chat for your Mundane Monday? Wanna win like a boss next time Jeopardy features a category of “Hobo Know How”? Well…here we go!


When you hear the word “Hobo”, you might think “bum” or “wino” or “get a job!”, but none of these terms really do the Hobo life justice. The classic Hobo wasn’t just some lazy vagabond trying to rip you off, but a person of a certain wanderlust, trying to find their place of luck and fortune in the world. Many believe that The Great Depression was the golden age for Hobo activity, as many people felt they had nothing to lose by searching for livelihoods elsewhere (though we of course still have modern day Hobos). They would typically hitch a ride on a train or walk along the roadways searching for whatever Lady Destiny had in store for them.


Because there was no Hobo GPS system or OnStar way back when, Hobos had no way of knowing where the best foods, drinks, and sleeping places may be. Enter amazing code to live by! The “Hobo Code”, invented and implemented by genius Hobos past, was the perfect solution to this issue!

Hobos would often scratch their little messages for their Hobo brethren using chalk or charcoal on utility poles, railroad trestle abutments, large rocks, or even directly on houses or buildings when referring to the inhabitants of the establishment. Messages would vary from “nice old lady” to “doctor wont charge” to “police lives here” and all other tidbits of useful information for the Hobo life.


Although the Hobo culture may have changed and morphed over time, it definitely still holds a certain charm and attraction! Have a little more time to burn? Feeling the itch of the Hobo Trail? Need to break free from your office monkey job? Check it out and learn how to become a Hobo yourself!

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