Do YOU love mustaches?

Many trends come, and many trends go, but one recent fad that we just can’t get enough of is the recent rash of MUSTACHE-MANIA! It’s been sweeping the country coast to coast, and we have been struck hard by the fancy mustache fabrications that seem to be everywhere.

Why are people going nuts for mustaches? We have no clue, but we are just as guilty in our love of the mustache movement. Once only found on the upper lips of certain gentleman, mustaches can now be seen on purses, t shirts, jewelry, cupcakes, and so much more! How can you become a mustache connoisseur, you might ask? It’s simple!

Step 1.) Familiarize yourself with the glorious mustache!

You can’t become a wine lover by trying some local box-o-wine special, and you can’t become a mustache lover by buying the first piece of junk with a mustache on it that you come across! Learn the mustache, live the mustache, love the mustache! Figure out what kind of mustache style speaks to your inner-most fancy-pants. If you are a lover of things exotic, perhaps you would be interested in something with notes of Fu Manchu. Feel more at home with a monocle? Then a Petit Handlebar may be more your style.

Step 2.) Stock up!

Now that you know your inner ‘stache, stock up on all the best mustache paraphernalia that applies to your unique lifestyle. Bicycle enthusiast? You know you gotta have a BikeStache. Got a hot date coming up? Perfect occasion for a Mustache Necklace!


Step 3.) Be proud!

Now that you are a mustache lover, be proud of your furry status and show it off, rub it in, and convert others to the mustache gospel!



Not had enough of the mustache-mania? Check out this video!


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