Hey there, HoboNinjas! Today, we are down right tickled to be able to share with you our very first review/giveaway for a completely awesome item, the Lunch Disguise Sandwich Bags!

We searched high and low for a person brave (and crazy) enough to take on the task, and our very own Tim (he frequents the curious corners of HoboNinja’s streets) was kind enough to check them out and let us know what he thinks of them. Best part? One of you lucky readers will win the Lunch Disguise Sandwich Bags completely free! Take it away, Tim!


“Not only are these bags a fun novelty, but they’re surprisingly useful. I figured they would be some small, cheaply made, wal-mart-esque baggie that would disintegrate as soon as the mayo leaked out of my sandwich. Instead, they’re actually pretty strong. As you can see here, I filled one up with water (to test the strength, of course, and NOT because I get lonely when I eat lunch at my desk), and it didn’t leak or pop when I hugged him…I mean squeezed the bag to test for durability.

I can definitely see my kids liking these for school, too. Instead of sending the individual sized generic Dorito’s, I can cleverly disguise them in these bags so as to give the illusion that we are upper-middle class and can afford the REAL Dorito’s! These really are bigger than a standard size sandwich bag (plus it makes my leftover lean pocket look amazingly classy)!

Thanks, Hobo Ninja!
-Tim S.
adoring fan and sandwich lover”
A few specifics about this item:
*You get 10 of each design on 7″ x 8-3/4″ (18 cm x 22 cm) clear, locking plastic bags
*Two designs in each set set, 10 pieces of each for a total of 20 bags (10 pc of mustache with monocle, 10pc of the traditional Groucho disguise)!
Sooo, here comes the fun part! Simply use the ultra-easy and convenient Rafflecopter form below and enter for a chance to win your very own Lunch Disguise Sandwich Bags!



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